nanam1nTaste, flavor (of food).Biyaꞌ diin in nanam sin sabaw yan?How does the soup taste?Way nanam sin sabaw ini.This soup has no flavor.vinst hipagpa-.To give (something) more taste;Yari in bitsin hipagpananam mu sin sayul.Here’s the vetsin that you can use to give the vegetable more taste.Cf.kinam 1adjmananamTasty, flavorful.Mananam in sabaw ini.This soup is tasty.Cf.lanab 1sarap1 2nExperience, feeling.Biyaꞌ diin in nanam sin magkajīl?What is the feeling of being jailed like? (i.e., how does it feel to be jailed?).vag -um-; pat -un; ran ka-…-an.To sense, feel, or experience (something).Nakananam sila kabinasahan.They experienced affliction.Bang kaw baldusa tantu numanam kaw kasiksaan.If you’re a sinner surely you will feel punishment.Kiyananaman ku in pagtahiꞌ sin paliꞌ ku.I felt (the pain) as my wound was sutured.Unu in niyanam mu?What do you feel?Kiyananaman mu ka in paglinug?Did you feel the earthquake?Bihaun hipananam ku kaymu in parasahan sin hīnang mu kākuꞌ.Now I’ll let you feel the torment you’ve done to me.SPEC.kitaꞌ 1dungugnanam 1hamutOV SYN.ingat

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