sabal1nPatience, resignation to God’s will.In sabal sin tau yan diꞌ minsan magkaybaꞌ.That person is really patient. He doesn’t even speak.vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To endure (something) patiently, leave or commit (something) to God.Magsabal kita pa kabayaan sin Tuhan.Let’s leave everything to the will of God.Unu-unu na in hinangun kātuꞌniyu sabalan natuꞌ na sadja.Whatever is done to us let’s just endure it patiently.adjmasabalEnduringly patient, resigned.Masabal in atay niya. Minsan siya kāluhun diꞌ siya magꞌatu.Her heart is patient. Even though someone quarrels with her she doesn’t fight back.

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