lagguꞌ1nBigness, largeness, greatness.Biyaꞌ diin in lagguꞌ sin anak mu magulang?How big is your eldest son?vST pat -um-.To expand, become big, large.Lumagguꞌ in tiyan mu bang kaw daran minum mataud tubig.Your belly will become big if you often take much water.Subay diꞌ na palagguun in asibiꞌ.Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill (lit. don’t make something small bigger).Palagguan ta in pantalun mu.We’ll make your pants bigger.adjmalagguꞌBig, large, great.Malagguꞌ in subaꞌ yaun.That river is big.Cf.dakulaꞌnkatilagguanThe main or principal part (of something).Nasunug in katilagguan sin bāy.The main part of the house was burned.Cf.luag2vpat -un.To honor, pay or give honor, dignify, praise (someone); celebrate (something).Lagguun ta in sultan.Let’s honor the sultan.Subay lagguun in adlaw kapagꞌanak kan Dr. Jose Rizal.We should celebrate the birthday of Dr. Jose Rizal.Cf.*pudji

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