langkatvtag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To dismantle or disassemble (the parts of a machine, engine, furniture, house or the whole of anything).Langkata in kapanyapan makina sin lilus ini.Dismantle the parts of the machinery of this watch.Hipalangkat ku in sīya ini.I’ll have this chair dismantled.Langkatun taniyu in bāy ini ubus ampa hinangun magbalik.Let us disassemble this house and then reconstruct it afterwards.In mangiꞌ karingding kiyalangkatan na.The wall that was not properly built was taken apart.vipat ma-.(For something heavy or tight) to be destroyed or ruined.In bulaꞌ baꞌgu nalangkat na.The new split bamboo was already destroyed.OV SYN.larak

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