suppaknPunishment, repayment (of a perceived wrong) by behavior in kind (e.g., neglecting, abandoning or disregarding someone).Among the family, the purpose is to make the offender realize his mistake.In kajīl kaniya yan hambuuk sa yan suppak sin inaꞌ niya ha pasal sin kasāan niya nakalanduꞌ.His imprisonment is a punishment by his mother for the grievous mistake he has committed.In suppak sin bataꞌ malangug, mawmu kasakitan.The punishment for a naughty child is that he often gets hurt.vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To repay (in kind for a bad deed done to someone), punish (someone for a perceived wrong done).In anak niya mangiꞌ kasuddahan suppakan niya diꞌ pakaunun.She punishes her bad-natured child by not feeding him.In hinang mangiꞌ suppakan pa mangiꞌ, in hinang marayaw tungbasan pa marayaw.Bad deeds are repaid with bad, and good deeds are rewarded with good.Siyuppakan siya sin maas niya sabab diꞌ siya kapagkaagihan.He was punished by his parents because he is hard to control.Cf.tungbas

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