kutuꞌ-kutuꞌ1nA queasy feeling in the stomach.vact/pat mag-, -um-.To feel queasy in the stomach.Magkutuꞌ-kutuꞌ in tiyan bang hapdiun.The stomach feels queasy when it’s hungry.2nAn uneasy feeling, doubts, misgivings.Bang awn kutuꞌ-kutuꞌ sin atay mu kari kaw kākuꞌ.If you have any doubts come to me.Bang awn kutuꞌ-kutuꞌ sin pangatayan mu pasal sin sīn piyarā mu kākuꞌ baytai aku.You tell me if you have any doubts concerning the money you sent through me.vact mag-, -um-.To feel uneasy, have doubts or misgivings.Magkutuꞌ-kutuꞌ in atay ku ha tau yan.I have misgivings about that fellow.OV SYN.hawal-hawalduwa-ruwaduwa 2

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