haginvpat mag-, -um-, magka-; ran -an.To be changed (in quantity, quality, or condition); (with negative, as usu.), remain the same, stable, steady or constant; remain intact, uninjured, or unimpaired.Bang kahaginan in manga dagangan ini maggantiꞌ kaw.If something will be missing in these commodities you’ll have to pay.Kiyugdan siya saꞌ walaꞌ nahagin sin pungluꞌ.He was hit by the bullet but he remained uninjured.Way hagin sin taud sin tau maghadjiꞌ pa Makka tahun-tahun.The great number of people going on pilgrimage to Mecca remains the same every year.Walaꞌ nahagin in īman niya pa Tuhan.His faith in God remains constant.Diꞌ magkahagin in taud sin dakdakan minsan da adlaw-adlaw magdakdak.The load of washing remained the same even though (we) washed every day.Walaꞌ da kiyahaginan in sīn dīhil mu kākuꞌ.The money you gave me is still intact.OV SYN.halin

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