sunudvag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To be the next, follow (in succession), stay right behind (something).Sunud kaw kaniya.You follow him.Hisiyu in sumunud magbassa?Who will be the next to read?Sunurun ku sadja in maas yaun sampay pa lawm daira.I’ll stay right behind that old man as far as the town.OV SYN.uruladjmagsunudAdjoining each other, in succession.Ha manga anak niya hi Johnny kay Jeannie in magsunud.Of his children Johnny and Jeannie are the ones who are in succession (i.e., next to each other in age).vrdp. act mag-.To come in continuous waves or succession, one right after the other.Magsunud-sunud in kasusahan dimatung kaniya.His troubles came one after the other.SYN.*sunuꞌ 1

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