*tuguadjmatuguEffective (of a person, one’s praying, fortune-telling, etc., or prayer, medicine).Matugu siya mangayuꞌ duwaa.He is effective in praying.Matugu in duktul yan mangubat.That physician is effective in medical treatment.vpat mag-.To be compatible.Bang magtugu in duktur iban tau iyubatan niya, maluhay tuud kaulian.If a doctor and the person he is treating are compatible, it will be very easy for the person to be cured.vST pat -um-.To become effective.vpat -un.(For something) to have a good effect (on someone or something).E.g., a baby is constantly sick so his name is changed. If his health then improves, the change is said to have a good effect.Tiyugu siya sin ilmuꞌ niya.His spiritual knowledge has a good effect on him.Tiyugu siya sin ngān niya.His name has a good effect on him.

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