*hantak1vag -um-, mag-.(For people) to stumble, trip, fall.Himantak in bataꞌ nagdarāgan.The child who was running stumbled.vtCV 1 pat hi-, -un.To throw (something) down heavily (connotes anger or disapproval).Hihantak ta kaw pa lupaꞌ.I’ll throw you down to the ground.vtAR ran -an.To throw (something) heavily onto (something else).Hantakan ta sa kān sin bangkuꞌ.I’ll smash you with this bench.viST exp ka-…-an.To be struck heavily by something.Kiyahantakan siya sin hāg.He was struck heavily by the (falling) post.Cf.*dakdak 2*ligad2nAn indigenous confection made from flour.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions

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