apuꞌ1.1nKinship term of reference and address to people two generations from ego (i.e., grandparents, grandchildren, granduncles and aunts, and grandnephews and nieces).In manga taymanghud sin inaꞌ sin inaꞌ ku apuꞌ ku da isab.The brothers and sisters of my mother’s mother are also my grandparents.nkaapuꞌ-apuanAncestors, forefathers.Asal dayahan in kaapuꞌ-apuan nila.Their ancestors were already rich.apuꞌ bataꞌcomp.nA step-grandmother or step-grandfather who is still young or a young sibling of one’s grandparent.apuꞌ gibacomp.nThe second descending generation from ego; grandchild.apuꞌ tuhudcomp.nThe third descending generation from ego; great grandchild.apuꞌ sikicomp.nThe fourth descending generation from ego; great great grandchild.1.2nA respectful term of address for elderly people.2nDeparted spirits (some of good character, some of evil; a term of respect).Kiyaabatan siya sin manga apuꞌ.He was made sick by the departed spirits.OV SYN.tungguꞌ

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