kumpul1vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To mold or press (something) into a ball (with the hands, as fine, soft earth, or sand).Nagkumpul siya sin lupaꞌ.He is molding the soil into a ball.Kumpul kaw buhangin, magtiluꞌ-tiluꞌ kita.Press sand into a ball, we will play toss and catch.Kumpulun ta in lupaꞌ.Let’s mold the dirt.vipat ma-.To coagulate, clot (as of blood).Nakumpul in duguꞌ.The blood clotted.2vag mag-.To gather together (for mutual care and protection, esp. during a crisis).Nagkumpul in katān maglahasiyaꞌ ha hambuuk bāy ha waktu sin pagbunuꞌ.All the relatives gathered together in one house during the fighting.3nA unit of weight (for silver and gold) equiv. to about 37 grams. (One kumpul = 100 sussuk.)Dīhilan siya sin inaꞌ niya hangka-kumpul bulawan.She was given by her mother one 37-gram unit of gold.Cf.sussuk1

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