bisanSharpness, sting (as of a wound), pungency, pepperiness (as of food), titillation; effectivity (as of medicine).Diꞌ makasandal in bataꞌ sin bisa sin paliꞌ.The child can’t stand the sting of his wound.adjmabisaStinging, sharp, peppery, pungent, titillating; effective.Mabisa in ubat ini.This medicine is effective.Mabisa isab in kalangan yan.That song is titillating.vexp ka-…-an.To feel a burning sensation in the mouth (as of peppery food), be titillated.Ayaw kaw magsāw sin tinuanan ku kabisahan kaw sin lara.Don’t eat with my relish or you’ll be burned by the pepper.OV SYN.hapdus

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