tilag1nTransparency, diaphanousness.Bukun sibuꞌ in tilag sin kakanaꞌ nabī ta.The transparency of the cloth which we bought is not the same.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To look at or see through (a transparent or semitransparent object).Tilaga in nigatib ini bat mu kakitaan in gusuk mu nabaliꞌ.Look at the negative so you can see your broken rib.adjmatilagTransparent, diaphanous, thin.Pagkamisun kaw sabab matilag in badjuꞌ mu.Wear a slip because your dress is transparent.Cf.nipis2ntilag-tilagA piece of cellophane, plastic bag.Kākuꞌ na ba in tilag-tilag sin siga mu yan.May I have the cellophane wrapper of your cigarette?

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