tagamaadjPrepared, ready.Subay tagama sadja kita maghinang adlaw-adlaw.We should always be ready for work every day.nPreparation.In tagama nila kātuꞌ bungang-kahuy.Their preparation for us was fruit.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To prepare (for something); set or lay aside, save, lay by or up, reserve (something).Subay kitaniyu tumagama sin datung nila magbāk.We should prepare to meet their arrival.Asal kaw tagama kayꞌman ngaibu pilak.Just lay aside fifty thousand pesos.Tagamahi kami lingkuran.Save seats for us.Tagamahan ta kakaun in manga bisita.We’ll set aside some food for the guests.Cf.halliꞌ 2sakapsaddiya

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