sawdnA section of bamboo for holding water, short receptacle used for fetching water (esp. on a cow’s back).nsawd-sawdA smaller shorter bamboo receptacle used for fetching water by children, well dipper.Cf.dagtungvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran/inst pag-…-an.To collect (liquid in a container).Sumawd sila kunuꞌ tubig pansul inumun.They say they are going to collect water from the faucet to drink.Hisiyu in nagsawd sin tubig ini?Who collected this water?Sawrun ku pa in tubig nagtūꞌ.I’ll collect the dripping water.Siyawd niya in ulan kahapun.He collected the rain yesterday.Awn undam pagsawran namuꞌ sin sabaw lahing.We had a basin for collecting coconut milk in.npanawdAny container or reservoir used for collecting and storing rain water.Cf.sawk

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