ikug1.1nA tail or something resembling a tail (of an animal).Mahabaꞌ in ikug kuting.The cat has a long tail.vAR ran -an.Does not occur with pa₂.To provide a tail or something taillike on (something).Ikugi in taguriꞌ mu.Place a tail on your kite.1.2vrdp. ag mag-.To trail along (with someone), accompany (someone).Magꞌikugꞌ-ikug sadja siya ha bana niya.She is trailing along with her husband.2vag magka-…-an.(For someone formerly poor and humble who has become rich) to become boastful.Magkaikugan in tau miskin bang magkarayahan.A poor man becomes boastful when he becomes rich.

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