ingatnKnowledge, wisdom, intellect.In ingat, altaꞌ mahalgaꞌ.Knowledge is a great treasure.vtag -um-; pat -un.To learn or come to know (something), be aware of (something).Subay mu ingatun in hal hiwal sin hulaꞌ.You should be aware of the happenings of your country.Paingata sila sin yan na kaw.Let them know that you’re already here.Walaꞌ kami piyaingat sin pagdatung mu.They did not inform us of your arrival.viag maka-; ran ka-…-an.To know (someone or something), be knowledgeable about (something); know how (to do something).Diꞌ aku makaingat magdayaw sin makina yan.I don’t know how to fix that machine.Kaingatan ku in bāy sin mayul.I know the mayor’s house (i.e., know where it is).adjmaingatNegative is diꞌ, not bukun.Wise, intelligent, knowledgeable.Bassaha kunuꞌ bang kaw bunnal maingat.Read this if you are really intelligent.Diꞌ aku maingat magbissara Bisayaꞌ.I am not knowledgeable in speaking (i.e., don’t know how to speak) Cebuano.Cf.mapaham*pahamhātinpangingatKnowledge, awareness (of something).Way pangingat ku pasal sin pagꞌīg nila.I have no knowledge about their departure.OV SYN.pangirab*irab

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