kitaꞌ1vag -um-, mang-; pat -un, ka-…an.To see, look at, look in order to verify (something); look for, observe, see or watch without taking an active part.Kitaa bang biyaꞌ diin in paghinang niya.Observe how she works.Miyari kami nangitaꞌ-ngitaꞌ sadja sin pagpanayam.We came just to watch the game.Kitai kita madtu jīp.Kindly look for a jeepney for me.Kitaun ku pa bang sila dimatung na.I’ll look and see if they have arrived.Kitaan ta kaw hambuuk bataꞌ magtabang kaymu.I’ll look for a youth to help you.Kitaun ta ha Bintang Duway Ballas bang hisiyu in nanakaw.We will see in the Tausug almanac Duway Ballas who it was that stole.Way ku siya kītaꞌ ha iskul.I didn’t see her at school.vag mag-.(For people) to see each other.Malugay kami walaꞌ nagkitai.We have not seen each other for a long time.OV SYN.atudilag1*idlapdullagliꞌgat*pandangpatung2npangitaꞌThe sense of sight.2nkitaanPrediction, prophecy, divination, soothsaying (taken from a holy book).Walaꞌ nagsāꞌ in kitaan niya.His prediction was not mistaken.In kitaan niya in bangkaꞌ nalawaꞌ, tiyakaw.His divination was that the boat that was lost was stolen.nmangingitaꞌA fortune-teller, soothsayer.Bantug mangingitaꞌ in apuꞌ sin bagay ku.The grandmother of my friend is a well known fortune-teller.OV SYN.putikaꞌ

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