sarangvar.hāngadjEnough, just right, sufficient, fitting.Bukun sarang ha limangka-tau in pagkaun piyarā mu.The food that you sent is not enough for five people.viact -um-, mag-.To fit, be just right, enough, sufficient, be big enough for.Diꞌ sumarang in badjuꞌ ku kaniya.My dress isn’t big enough for her.Cf.makainihan*inivtag mag-; pat hi-, -un.To try on something for fit.Hisarang ku in badjuꞌ niya.I’ll try on his shirt to see if it fits.Cf.jukupadjrdp.Just about right, fairly good, fair fit, not too large, good fit.Sarang-sarang in lagguꞌ sin lamisahan ini.The size of this table is just about right.vCH 1 rdp. pat -un.To make one’s action slower or more to a norm (as in driving).Sarang-saranga da in pagparagan mu jīp.Drive the jeep slower.

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