gisiꞌnA tear, rip.adjTorn or frayed (as of paper or cloth).Gisiꞌ in kātas dīhil kākuꞌ.The paper given to me is torn.vtCH 2 ag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To tear something (haphazardly, cf. gīs).Maytaꞌ mu gīsiꞌ?Why did you tear it?Gisian ta hangka-tiyuꞌ in kātas ini.Let’s tear off a little portion of this paper.vipat ma-.(For something) to tear or fray.Kamayaꞌ kaw bat yan diꞌ magisiꞌ.Be careful so it won’t tear.OV SYN.giritCf.saksak

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