supsup1vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To suck (something, as fruit, candy, ice); place something on the mouth and draw it in (as of sucking thumb or pencil).Supsupa naa in kindi mu ampa kaw kumaun.Suck (i.e., finish) your candy first, then have your meal.Cf.lutlut2nmanunupsupOne who takes advantage of another, moocher.Manunupsup altaꞌ in taymanghud ku.My brother is a moocher.supsup butuꞌidiomvTo flatter and fawn upon someone ingratiatingly so as to obtain one’s interest (lit. to suck the scrotum).Maingat siya magsupsup butuꞌ sin piyaghinangan niya.He knows how to flatter his employer.

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