subul1nA young man (past the age of puberty but unmarried), bachelor.In manga subul namayaꞌ-mayaꞌ pa manga kabudjangan.The young men are courting the young ladies.vact magpa-, -um-; pat ma-.(For a young man) to attain puberty.Diꞌ pa kaw tūpun mamayaꞌ-mayaꞌ. Magpasubul naa kaw ampa kaw kabayaan.It’s not yet fitting for you to court. You should attain puberty first and then you will be wanted.2vag magpa-.(For a married man) to act like an unmarried man (including to dress stylishly).Magpasubul in bana mu ini bang siya ha panawan.Your husband really acts like an unmarried man when he’s out.

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