ulannRain.Makusug in ulan kabii.The rain was heavy last night.vnone mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To rain.Sawk kamu tubig bang umulan.Haul water if it rains.Sūng na ulanun in paghulaꞌ ta.Our locality is about to be rained on.Marayꞌ sila yadtu ulanan sabab way kasilungan nila.They will probably be rained on because they have no shelter.OV SYN.tūk-tūkbunuk-bunukCf.andahawadjpangulan(Of a time of year) rainy.Timpu pangulan bihaun.It’s rainy season now.ulan-dautcomp.nHeavy rain.magpaulan sin asin/paulanan in asinidiomnTo let (one’s) past misdeeds or problems be known (esp. those that could cause gossip), hang out (one’s) dirty linen (lit. to rain on the salt). See asin, magpaulan sin/paulanan in

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