*pikit1.1vCV 1 ag mag-; pat -un, hi-; ran -an.To stick to, paste (something somewhere).Pikitan in pattaꞌ ini ha dingding.Paste this picture on the wall.viact/pat -um-.To adhere to something.Diꞌ mikit in kātas ini pa dingding.This paper won’t adhere to the wall.npipikitpaste, glue.Timugas na in pipikit ini.This glue has hardened.1.2vag -um-.To cling (to someone, esp. of a child who is emotionally attached to his mother).Mīmikit sadja in bataꞌ ini ha inaꞌ niya.This child is always clinging to his mother.Cf.luway-luway2vag mang-.To affiliate with (a family) through marriage, marry into (a family).Mahunit in mamikit ha dayahan.It’s hard to marry into a rich family.npiyamikitanA relative by marriage, in-law.Ayaw kaw maghulaꞌ ha manga piyamikitan mu.Don’t live with your in-laws.

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