bapaꞌvar.paꞌ1nUncle, Dad, Sir (respectful term of address for an uncle, stepfather but not one’s own father, and any man approximately a generation older than the speaker).Often combined with another title, as in Bapaꞌ Tuwan for a religious leader, Bapaꞌ Hadjiꞌ for a man who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca.Bapaꞌ in pagtawag ku ha langgung sin amaꞌ ku.I address the brother of my father as ‘Uncle’.Bapaꞌ, pila sīn in istaꞌ?Sir, how much is the fish?nUncle, stepfather (kinship term of reference).In bana sin inaꞌ ku balu, bapaꞌ ku.The husband of my widowed mother is my stepfather.SYN.amaun

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