takdil1relConcerning, with regard to, relating to.Bang takdil sin pagꞌiskul mu ayaw kaw masusa. Aku in magꞌatas.Concerning your schooling, don’t worry. I will be responsible for it.Ha takdil sin pagbagay, subay kaw maingat magdā sin bagay mu.Concerning friendship, you should know how to get along with your friend.Bang takdil ha baran ku diꞌ ku pahalgaun in pilak dayn sin kumangiꞌ in ngān ku.With regard to myself, I won’t ruin my reputation for the sake of money.vnone hi-.To say (something) concerning (someone).Hitakdil ku kaniya, siya na yan in mapanday manghinang-hinang.I will say concerning her that she is good at working magic.OV SYN.palihālanpasal12vnone hi-.To compare (something to something else).Bang hitakdil pa maghinang bāy hāg in patindugun muna.If we compare (it) to building a house, the post is set up first.

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