lamugutadj./advNot in order, untidy, sloppy, unsystematic.Lamugut in pagsulat sin manga ngān.The names are not written in order.In tau lisuan lamugut in hinangan.A lazy person does a sloppy job.Lamugut in paghinang niya.His way of working is unsystematic.vag -um-, mag-; pat -un.To do something in a disorderly, sloppy, or unsystematic manner; mess (something) up; be thrown into an agitated confusion.Maglamugut in hinang mu bang kaw magꞌūs-ꞌūs sadja.Your work will be sloppily done if you’re always in such haste.Liyamugut niya in manga kakatasan ha lamisahan ku.He messed up the papers on my table.Naglamugut sadja nagsuntuk in manga kabataan.The kids are agitatedly and confusedly fistfighting.Cf.lamugay 2sulang-salingpulak-palik

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