alistuadjQuick, prompt, alert, ready.Alistu siya bang kumaun.He is quick if it’s in eating.Alistu siya maghinang.He is quick in working.Alistu tuud siya dumaawa.He is very quick in reasoning to defend himself.vaux -um-, mag-, -an.If used as a main verb, another verb is implied in the context.To be quick, prompt, alert, ready (to do something).Alistuhi kawaa in pistul pagꞌīg niya.Be ready to get the revolver as soon as he leaves.Bang kaw diꞌ umalistu kumawaꞌ sin bahagiꞌ mu kawayan kaw.If you are not prompt to get your share you will lose it.Alistuhan ku in dān ha alupan sin bāy.I’ll quickly (block) the road in front of the house.OV SYN.sapatbiskaysamutkasay 1

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