siꞌnagvar.sinag1nBrightness, glory, radiance.Way na makaliyu dayn sin siꞌnag sin suga.There is nothing that can compare with the brightness of the sun.vact -um-, mag-.To become bright, shine.Subay na sumiꞌnag in suga ampa natuꞌ hilanjal in panaw natuꞌ.When the sun becomes bright then we will proceed with our journey.adjmasiꞌnagBright, radiant, shiny (as of heavenly bodies, fire, or lightning).Masiꞌnag tuud in palitaan yan.That lamp is very bright.Cf.silawsawa*inggatidlapsinglabsilaksahaya2nrdp.A thin, light stick of pyrotechnic material which burns with a bright spark, sparkler.vrdp. ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To light sparklers.Magsiꞌnag-siꞌnag in manga bataꞌ bang marayꞌ na haylaya.The children light sparklers when it’s almost the time of the festival.

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