pasuꞌ1nHeat, warmth, high temperature.Diꞌ kasandalan in pasuꞌ sin hulaꞌ yan.I can’t bear the heat of this place.vtag mag-; pat -un.To heat (something).Pasuun ku mayan in mistang.I’ll just heat the gruel later.viST pat -um-, -un.(For something) to become hot, (for someone) to feel hot.Pasuun kaw lumugay.After a while you’ll feel hot.adjmapasuꞌHot, warm.Mapasuꞌ bang panuga.It’s so warm during the summer.Mapasuꞌ in pais niya.Her skin is hot (i.e., she has a high temperature).2nAnger, temper.Subay mu diꞌ dūlan in pasuꞌ mu.You should restrain your temper.vST pat mag-, -um-.To become angry, be in a bad mood, become short-tempered.Ayaw mu siya paglanguga gana-gana masuꞌ.Don’t tease him, he might get angry.Ayaw kaw magsuuk ha tau miyamasuꞌ.Don’t get near a person who is in a bad mood.Cf.dugalastulamāmulkaꞌ 1adjmapasuꞌ(With ū) quick-tempered, hotheaded.Ayaw kaw maglangug ha tau mapasuꞌ ū.Don’t tease a quick-tempered person.3adj./advmapasuꞌUnlucky (of a day or month [e.g., for planting], a house, one’s hands).Mapasuꞌ in bāy bang bakas giyaban sin hās.A house is unlucky if a snake has gotten up into it.ANT.mahagguthaggut1 4

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