*ambuldaꞌvag mag-; ran pag-…-an.To misunderstand (the reason behind an act so as to become offended, disgusted or to feel resentment).Subay sibuꞌ-sibuꞌ in pagdā ha manga tau bat sila diꞌ magꞌambuldaꞌ.People should be treated equally so they will not misunderstand.npagꞌambuldaanA misunderstanding (of someone’s acts causing one to become offended or disgusted).Subay kitaniyu dī katān bang magbahagiꞌ sin sīn bat way pagꞌambuldaan.We should be gathered together when we divide the money so there will be no misunderstanding.OV SYN.kutuꞌ-kutuꞌ 1

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