suuknProximity, nearness.In suuk sin iskul pa bāy namuꞌ hangka-batu da.The nearness of the school to our house is only one kilometer.vTV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un, ka-…-an.To come nearer to or approach (something).Suuk kaw mari kākuꞌ.Come nearer to me.Magsusuuk in timbak yan.The sound of the shooting is getting nearer and nearer.Suukun ta kunuꞌ in tau nagtitindug yaun.Let’s approach that fellow standing over there.Ayaw siya pasuuka mariꞌ kākuꞌ.Don’t let her come nearer to me.adjmasuukNear.Masuuk in bāy nila pa tabuꞌ.Their house is near the market.Cf.daig 1advmasuukSoon, near.Masuuk na siya dumatung.She’ll soon arrive.OV SYN.marayꞌ*dayꞌ

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