bantug1adjEminent, famous, well-known, popular, noted; (also in the negative sense), notorious.Landuꞌ bantug in prisidinti pa katān hulaꞌ.The president is well-known in every place.In tau yan bantug mamumunuꞌ.That man is a notorious killer.nkabantuganEminence; popularity; distinction.OV SYN.kabansaganbansag2 2vag mag-; pat -un.To praise, commend (someone or oneself).In tau ini magbantug sadja sin baran niya.This fellow is always praising himself.Tagad na kaw bantugun sin tau dugaing.Wait for other people to praise you.OV SYN.lagguꞌ 2sanglit 1vrdp. pat -un.To flatter (someone in a very subtle way).Biyabantug-bantug niya sadja kaw bat mu siya karihilan sīn.He keeps on flattering you so you’ll give him some money.SYN.abbu 2

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