tau1nA human being, person.In tau katān piyapanjari sin Tuhan.All people were created by God.Cf.mānusiyaꞌmahlukvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To stay and occupy or watch (a place).Tauhi in bāy bang kami way dī.Stay and watch our house when we are not here.vpat -un.To be visited (by someone).Bang gubnul in magparkalaꞌ tantuꞌ tauhun tuud siya.If the governor holds an affair certainly he will be visited by many people (i.e., many will attend).2nrdp.A statue, scarecrow, effigy.3npagkatauStatus, reputation, distinction or mark in society.Mangiꞌ in pagkatau niya.He has a bad reputation.tau-tau matacomp.nThe pupil of the eye.

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