mulanInjury, damage, harm, loss, impairment.vtag maka-; pat -un.Agent is focused only with maka-.To injure, harm, damage, impair (something).Subay diꞌ mulahun in tau way dusa.We should not harm an innocent fellow.viact/pat mag-.To be or become injured, harmed, damaged, impaired.Magmula in hinang bang mīg in manga naghihinang.The work will be impaired if the workers leave.Bayaran ku in unu-unu nagmula dī.I’ll pay for anything thas was damaged here.adjmakamulaHarmful, injurious, endangering.Makamula ha baran in magꞌinum alak daran.Continually drinking liquor is harmful to one’s health.Cf.kangiꞌderv.ngiꞌ

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