tungguꞌnOne who stays in a place (to tend it and watch it) or with a person (to attend to him); a spirit which resides in a tree, rock, or house.Mabungis in tungguꞌ tinda yan hangkan sa kulang in magpamī kaniya.That storekeeper is harsh, that’s why few people buy from him.In hinang sin tungguꞌ sini, maggisiꞌ sadja sin manga tikit.The work of the watcher of (the door of) the theater (i.e., the ticket collector) is just to tear the tickets.Siya in tungguꞌ sin nasasakit.She’s the one who stays and takes care of the patient.Kiyaabatan siya sin tungguꞌ ha nunuk.He was made sick by the balete tree spirit.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To guard, watch (something).Tunggui in manga pagkaun ha lamisahan.Watch the food on the table.Hisiyu in magtungguꞌ ha manga bataꞌ?Who’ll watch over the kids?Cf.jaga

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