labiadjExtra, excess.nAn excess, a protruding or projecting part (of something).Awn labi sin paghūg niya sīn kākuꞌ.He gave me an excess of (i.e., too much) change.vact/pat mag-, -um-.To have an excess, extra, to overhang, extend beyond.Maglabi in kamisun dayn ha badjuꞌ niya.Her slip extends beyond her dress.vag magpa-; pat pa-…-un.To give extra of (something); give priority (to one thing or person over another), put (something) ahead of (something else).Di ku palabihun in pagpasiyal dayn sin hinang ku ha bāy.I don’t put pleasure walking ahead of work at the house.Diꞌ ku palabihun in sīn dayn ha kasipugan.I don’t put money ahead of shame.advMore, better, worse, to a greater degree.Labi marayaw bang siya makakari dumā magbichara kākuꞌ.It would be better if he could come and talk with me.adjballabi-labihanMore than enough, in excess, abundant.Ballabi-labihan in pagkaun nila.Their food is more than enough.Cf.balkalaꞌ-kalaan

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