landuꞌadvVery, greatly, much, in too great a degree, extremely, excessively, exceedingly, immoderately, out of all proportion.Landuꞌ aku nasusa pagꞌingat ku nasakit kaw.I was very worried when I heard that you were sick.adjGreat, severe, excessive, extreme.Bang landuꞌ na in sakit mahunit na ubatan.If the sickness becomes severe it will be hard to medicine.vST pat -um-.To become intense, extreme, excessive, great, severe.Bang makalanduꞌ in paglangug lumugay makapagkālu.If joking becomes excessive it may lead to a quarrel.vran ka-…-an.To have done something which should not have been done, overdo something.Kiyalanduan niya kiyabutang in katān tirigu ha addun.He overdid it by putting all the flour in the dough.Cf.sangatkaruk

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