lasaygimb.laꞌsay1vact/pat mag-, -um-.(For a liquid) to overflow, (for commodities) to be in surplus.Naglasay na in tubig dayn ha baldi.Water is overflowing from the pail.Naglasay in istaꞌ ha tabuꞌ.There is a surplus of fish at the market.OV SYN.lanaw2vag mag-, -um-.(For desire, love) to be very great, excessive, too much; (for patience) to wear thin, run out.Limalasay na in bayaꞌ niya ha babai yaun.His desire for that girl is excessive (i.e., he’s head over heels in love with her).Naglasay na in pasinsiya ku ha tau ini.My patience with this man is wearing thin.Cf.landuꞌlayas

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