undulvar.yundulnResult, outcome.In undul sin hinang mangiꞌ mapatay, atawa majīl.The result of bad deeds is dying or being jailed.In undul sin pagbiat ku ha manga anak ku nahinang sila katān tau marayaw.The outcome of my training of my children is that they all became good people.vact mag-, -um-.To result (in something).Bang masāꞌ in pagdā ta ha baran ta, magꞌundul pa way na magꞌaddat kātuꞌ.If we don’t behave properly it will result that no one will respect us.nundulanResult, outcome.Tumaka mu yan tiktikun in undulan niya mabagbag.If you keep on hitting that the result will be it will break.Cf.baynat

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