kāngug1adjCrazy, insane, psychopathic, mad, lunatic, frenzied.Piyagtiluꞌ sin manga bataꞌ in tau kāngug.The children threw stones at the crazy fellow.vpat -un.To be or become insane, lose one’s senses or reason, go mad.Kiyangug siya sabab sin anak niya miyatay.She lost her reason because her son died.nkakanguganCraziness, insanity, madness, senselessness.In kakangugan niya way miyaguy.His senselessness was such that he didn’t even flee.OV SYN.dupang8: Diseases2vag mag-.To do foolish or wrong things.Magkāngug in manga tau bang way na saraꞌ.People do wrong things when there’s no more law.

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