kaliꞌnA hole, excavation.Awn kaliꞌ sin dān paglabayan sin manga sasakatan.There is a hole on the road where vehicles pass.nkakaliꞌA tool for digging.Kāa ba in kakaliꞌ biyutang ku ha buriga.Please get the tool for digging I put in the warehouse.OV SYN.pālavAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To dig a hole.Kalian ku in lupaꞌ ini ha supaya kapagbutangan basura sunugun.I’ll dig a hole in this soil so that there’ll be a place to put garbage to be burned.vAQ pat -un.To dig for (something), locate (something) by digging, dig (something) up.Kaliun ta in lubung ha babaw būd.Let’s dig up that old hole on top of the mountain.OV SYN.kalut

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