tubuꞌ1nA sprout (of a plant seed or flower).vAR act mag-, -um-; ran -an.(For plants and diseases) to begin to grow, sprout.Hangkarayꞌ da timubuꞌ in sumping tiyanum niya.The flower he planted sprouted right away.Diꞌ tubuan manggis in lupaꞌ ini.Mangosteen won’t sprout in this soil.Tiyubuan siya ugud lugay ha pugay.He developed long-lasting dermatitis on his neck.Patubuun ku in bigi kapaya ini ha halaman bāy namuꞌ.I’ll sprout these papaya seeds in our yard.OV SYN.*uplutsahaꞌ2nOffspring.Miyatay sadja in tau yaun wayruun tubuꞌ niya.That man died with no offspring.npanubuꞌDescendant, lineage.In katān mānusiyaꞌ panubuꞌ hi Apuꞌ Adam.All mankind are the descendants of grandfather Adam.

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