pupudgimb.pudpudnA stub, a part (of something) left (after the main part is gone or used up, as a cigarette butt, a pencil, an eraser, a bar of soap).Bugitan na in pupud siga yan.Throw away that cigarette stub.Pagdungulan na in pupud kahuy yan.Use that leftover firewood.viST pat ma-, magka-.To diminish in size or degree, wear off, wear away, wear down (as of a cigarette, firewood, chalk, a pencil or a day).Napupud in dawat sin pinsil ku.The lead from my pencil is worn away.Napupud in adlaw ha pagtagaran namuꞌ kaymu.The day wore away while we were waiting for you.vtpat -un.To make (something) smaller, let (something) wear down.Pupurun ku naa in tawmpaꞌ, ampa ku hipagdihil.I’ll let the (soles of the) shoes wear down and then I’ll give them away.

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