taatn(One’s) good works in obedience to God’s law, the worship of God (according to one’s religious belief [also pagtaat]).In puasa hambuuk taat sin bangsa muslimin.Fasting is one of the good works of a Muslim in obedience to God’s law.Taat in hikasūd ta surgaꞌ.It is obedience to God’s law that allows us to enter heaven.In pagtaat pa Tuhan kiyawajib ha mānusiyaꞌ katān.The worship of God is obligatory for all people.vag mag-, -um-; goal pag-…-an.To do such good works to follow God’s commandments, worship God (according to one’s religion).Magtaat kitaniyu katāntan, ha supaya kita kaulungan sin Tuhan.Let us all do good works so that God will pity us.Bang kaw magtaat pa Tuhan subay agad dayn ha lawm atay mu.If you worship God it should come from your heart.Pagtaat kaw pa Tuhan mu bat kaw matay ha kasannyangan.Follow the commandments of God so that you will die in peace.Subay Tuhan in pagtaatan ta.It should be God that we do good works for.OV SYN.ibādat2Cf.agama

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