daakvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To ask, request, command (someone to do something [does not necessarily imply superiority]).Daak kaw ha manga bataꞌ yan kumawaꞌ tubig.Ask these boys to get some water.Ayaw kaw dumaak kākuꞌ magbīng.Don’t command me again.Diyaak niya aku maghulug sulat.She requested me to mail (lit. to fall) a letter for her.Cf.*mandandaraakunA helper (esp. a domestic worker, servant, maid).Gadjihan ku in daraakun namuꞌ kunsūm.I’ll pay our maid tomorrow.SYN.ipatanipat 2paraakderv.nA word, message, information sent through someone.

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