angsu1nA smell (permeating the air, either fragrant or malodorous).In angsu sin lana mahamut landuꞌ in kusug.The smell of the perfume is very strong.vact mag-.To give off a smell.Nagꞌangsu na in tiyugnaꞌ mu.The food you are cooking is giving off its smell.Lanui in kasilyas bat diꞌ magꞌangsu.Clean the toilet so it won’t give off a (bad) smell.Cf.bahuꞌ1 1pangak2vag magpa-; ran pa-…-an.To expose (someone) to the smoke (of burning incense).Magpaangsu pa aku kamanyan.I’ll expose myself to the smoke of the incense.Piyaangsuhan sin mangungubat kamanyan in nasasakit.The mediciner exposed the sick person to the smoke of the incense.OV SYN.tuꞌnug

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