ladju1nDistance or farness (reached by one’s eyesight or a projectile, as of a ball in playing golf).Awn hanggatus mitru in ladju sin kiyatiluan sin bula.The ball was thrown a distance of about 100 meters.vST pat -um-.(For distance) to become greater, (for something) to become farther.Lumadju in lupad sin manuk-manuk bang magpaagad ha hangin.The flight of a bird will become farther if it flies with the wind.Paladjuha in pagtiluꞌ mu sin batu.Make your throwing of the stone farther.adjmaladjuReaching a great distance, (having good eyesight as to be) able to see (something) at a great distance.Maladju in pangatud niya.He is able to see at a great distance.OV SYN.layuꞌ2vST pat -um-, mag-.(For one’s mind) to expand.In tau makapangadjiꞌ, lumadju in pikilan niya.The mind of a person who gets an education will expand.adjmaladju(With pamikil or pikilan) foresighted, insightful; (of the mind) expanded.In tau maladju in pikilan marayaw in kasūngan.A foresighted person has a bright future.

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