simud1nMouth.6: The Parts of the Bodyhigad simudcomp.nThe lip (the body part).2adjmasimud/simuranProne to gossip or tattle.Ayaw mu paglahasiyai in tau simuran.Don’t reveal secrets to someone prone to gossip.vrdp. ag mag-; pat hipag-.To gossip or tattle about (someone).Piyagsimud-simud nila in babai yan naburus.They were gossiping about that woman getting pregnant.Ayaw kaw maghinang mangiꞌ bat kaw diꞌ hipagsimud-simud.Don’t do anything bad or they’ll gossip about you.Cf.limutkiyakaun simudidiomadjStubborn, calloused to scolding (esp. used of children) (lit. a mouth is being eaten).

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